Brenda Laine

I work from my home studio in the Cowichan Valley.

I was trained in tailoring, and began my career in fashion in 1994. I had just married my husband, an artist and designer, who encouraged me to live my most passionate creative life. I began spending all my time designing and constructing women’s coats, combining my love of 70’s mod fashion, and Edwardian elegance, as I concentrated on creating the perfect silhouette. These one-of-a-kind artistic expressions were exhibited in fashion shows in Canada and the United States and were sold to women around the world.

Several years later I met and collaborated with a celebrated First Nations’ artist, who drew and sanctioned my use of her artwork to create a collection of ‘native art appliqué coats and suits for exhibition. I also experimented by combining woven mohair and wool plaids to create individual fun and fluffy jackets, which have been displayed and exhibited.

In 2009, I began to work with merino wool knits and soon created a line of sustainable knitwear garments which I sold to select boutiques across Canada. I found I love to work with jersey knits! They allowed me to continue to create structure in my designs, and add flourishes inflow and drape! I presently continue to refine and add to my knit line, and feel I am growing with my clientele, supplying garments to help them feel comfortable and supported in all facets of their lives! My work and relationships with women is gratifying and life-sustaining!

My husband and I continue to inspire one another as we work side by side at home in our separate studios. If you are interested in viewing the artwork of Laird Campbell please visit his website: