Linen and the New Collection

100% LINEN Dresses & Jackets - 

Linen is made from the Flax Plant, which does not require heavy chemical processing to extract its fibre, making linen very eco-friendly.

Linen is strong, durable and absorbent. It dries faster than cotton, making it more comfortable to wear in humid warm weather.

Linen is temperature regulating. It keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter. Linen’s strong antibacterial properties keeps the clothing fresher and allows more wear between washings.

Linen clothing is best hand-washed in cool water and hang-dried. Linen tends to wrinkle, but that is part of linen’s ‘look’. To freshen your linen garments give them a quick steam and allow  space when hanging in your closet. Linen responds well to a medium hot iron.

The garments in this collection are made from a heavy weight, tight twill weave linen with an earthy sand-wash finish. 

The fit of the sleeveless dresses is intended to be loose and relaxed, with a wide flowing body with side pockets. S-3XL

The bias-cut dresses are more fitted. Bias cut means the fabric is cut on the diagonal grain rather than straight or cross grains, which causes the  fabric to fall and drape around the body's shape, creating a slinky silhouette.  S-XXL

The raglan 3/4 sleeve shirt jackets are loose fitting and flowing and are intended to be worn casually open. The shirt fronts and collar meet at the neck and can be fastened with your favourite brooch.  S-3XL

VISCOSE/LINEN Dress & Jacket

The Viscose/Linen Blend is a thick but lightweight fabric.

Viscose is a type of rayon made from wood pulp, and is used as a substitute to silk.

Viscose is light, airy, soft and breathable and maintains it’s shape. Viscose blended with Linen creates a fabric that is soft and very substantial, with a beautiful heavy drape.

Dry-clean is recommended, but the garments can be hand-washed and hang-dried.

The sleeveless dresses are bias-cut and drape around the body’s shape.  S-XXL

The raglan 3/4 sleeve jackets come in two styles: a longer flowing open collar jacket and a shorter jacket with a closed asymmetrical front. S-XXL

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